Instructional Technology Foundations and Theories of Learning

EDIT 704


This Instructor Guide is part of a comprehensive program designed to teach non-decodable words to students in the primary grades.  The program was field tested with impressive results and this guide explains how to implement it in the classroom.


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This design document outlines our team's plan for the creation of a unit on brainstorming for use with K-12 students.

Introduction to Instructional


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Advanced Instructional Design

EDIT 730


This prototype of a Cognitive Flexibility Hypertext was designed for use by parents of children who have been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).  It allows the user to explore various treatment options, both behavioral and medicinal.​

Project Management

EDIT 573

This plan for training elementary teachers how to implement iPads on a 1:1 basis with their students could be adapted for use with most any school district that desires to take advantage of the benefits of technology​ in the classroom.

Visual Design and Applications:  Photoshop

EDIT 571

This prototpye of a webpage was created in Photoshop.  It was designed to serve as the home page for a website which would contain a variety of training modules for teachers.

Overview of Digital Media

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This prototype for an app was designed for use by senior citizens or others who may need assistance with accessing community services easily. The user friendly layout supports ease of access even for those not familiar with tablets or other electronic devices.

eLearning Design Applications: Captivate

EDIT 575

This training module created in Captivate was selected for use in a real teacher training program.  It explains how to organize and manage a number of reading groups at various ability levels in a single classroom; a concept with which many beginning teachers struggle.​

EDIT 732-752

Design and Implementation of Technology-Based Learning Environments


This is the prototype of the app we designed.


Web Accessibility

EDIT 526

This Power Point presentation designed for university instructors was selected for use in a real training scenario about incorporating the principles of Universal Design for Learning at the post-secondary level. 

EDIT 732-752

Design and Implementation of Technology-Based Learning Environments


This is a recorded PPT slideshow showing highlights of our group's capstone project in EDIT 732-752.  We used UX design to create a prototype for an app to be used by residents at INOVA Fairfax Hospital.